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CB Concrete Pumping

Line pump for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and surrounding areas

Question 1: What is a mobile concrete pump?

Answer: A mobile concrete pump is a truck mounted concrete pump used to transport wet concrete to inaccessible places. It is mounted on the back of a small road going lorry and has the capacity to pump 100 metres of line or more that can be maneuvered into the required position by a skilled operator.

Question 2: Can a concrete pump pump any concrete?

Answer: NO, it cannot pump dry concrete or low cement content mixes. To ensure the suitablitiy of the mix to a pump, inform your concrete supplier that you will be using a pump. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure.

Question 3: Will an operator be supplied with the pump?

Answer: Yes, a fully qualified, experienced operator will be supplied. Our pumps are not supplied without.

Question 4: What are my requirements?

Answer: To ensure that the ground where the pump will be used is suitable to support a small goods vehicle. You will need to supply the operator with 1 or 2 bags of cement which will be used to prime the pump. You will also need to allocate an area for the operator to wash out on the completion of the job.

Question 5: How do I order a pump and availability?

Answer: Call :07821678925 or 07808 060090 to arrange the hire of the pump and discuss the requirements of the job. The pumps are available to hire 7 days a week day or night work.

Question 6: How do I pay for the hire of a pump?

Answer: We accept payments via the following methods: Card payment over the telephone, cleared funds or you can apply for a credit account.‚Äč